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Seven Smart Dog Breeds for Family

So, you desire to have a dog in your family?  The way families differ, similarly, requirement of dogs in the families vary as well. A family living at the outskirts of Haryana in a farm house must have to adopt a different dog than a couple with small kids dwelling somewhere in Delhi.

Opting for Dog Breeds for Family

Choosing a dog breed for family is not an ordinary course of events. You must take certain regard, so that that your family can nurture the dog as a ‘nice pet’. The desire of having the best friendly dog breed can get fulfilled only when you deploy attentions on:-

  • The lifestyle of your family to decide on the breed that can best fit.
  • The time you will devote to your pet.
  • People who will be there in the house with the pet every time.
  • Person in a family available for regular walks with the dog.

Here are 7 breeds of dogs that easily get along with the family.  

Golden Retriever
golden retriever with kidsIf you are looking for a trustworthy and loyal companion, then Golden Retriever is the best choice to make. These friendly dog breeds are great pals for kids of all ages, and the reason is their patients and gentle nature. Active at the beach and mountain; these breeds make amazing buddies.

beaglesPlayful, enthusiastic and chirpy; Beagles are amazing family dogs.  Families with children love to adopt Beagles, because of their sweet demeanour; vibrant colouring and size. They are loyal friends and great canines.

Border Collies
border colliesBorder Collies show oodles of love towards the family members and also get strongly attached to them. These breeds of dogs are excellent family companion. Full of vigour and love the company of older kids; Border Collies are also easy to train.

English Bulldogs
English Bulldog puppyChildren as well as other pets easily make friends with the English bulldogs. They are true socialites; from playing with children to participating in household activities, they perform everything maintaining their calm. They are amazing integration into a family.

Labrador Retrievers
labrador retriever for familyYou fill surely fall for the naive looks of Labrador Retrievers. As their looks say so – very sweet and gentle; they are adaptive to ambiance of the family and befriend with everyone. Ideal for families, loyal pets, always ready to play, family pleasure and much more; the list of extol is long.

golden doodle puppyCross-breeding of golden retriever and poodle results a very humble pet – Goldendoodle. This dog breed is intelligent, sweet, loves to socialize as well as is easy to train. The adoring and affectionate nature makes a pet lover fall for this breed.

pug for kidsHappy-go-lucky nature makes Pugs friendly and adored by families as well as kids. These breeds of dogs are playful as well as rambunctious, which keep you laughing every time. Your investment of attention will be loved by them and in return they will offer lots of love and amusement.