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Pedigree to Royal Canin: How should I change my Dog Food?

Changes to the dog food might be required when you suspect a dog food allergy, or your dog is suffering a weight loss, there is a dog food recall or may be your veteran had suggested a change. It could be a health reason or maybe you just want to give your dog a variety or changing his food when he is maturing, whatever the purpose but, changing the dog food requires much care.

If you have been giving your dog Pedigree dog food and want to switch over to Royal canin brand, you need to check for the ingredients these foods consist of and compare it with the product your dog is allergic to or he might or might not require. Check for the Pedigree food ingredients and compare it with the Royal Canin food ingredients.

How to change the dog food from Pedigree to Royal Canin?

Changes to the dog diet should not be done all of a sudden as it could make problem in functioning of the intestine. Your dog should be fed slowly so that you figure out whether the new food is suiting your dog or not. For example, start with mixing a little amount of old food and a tiny

But to diminish the peril that dog can suffer while making a changes to its diet, you can have a glance at the steps mentioned below:amount of new food and continue this process for 4 days. Then increase a little amount than before for next 4 days and then mix more of a new food and a very less of an old food for three days afterwards. If your dog looks comfy with this process, then you can change the dog food from pedigree to royal canin.

Pick the best dog’s nutrition from the counter

Before feeding the new food to your dog just match the ingredients with the old one. For example your dog would consume a lamb and chicken, you can read the ingredients of the new brand you are finalizing is that match with previous dog food. If yes, then there will be fewer chances that your dog will go through any health issues.

Serve meal in a tiny quantity

Once you have bought the new brand, for example “royal canin food”, start by giving your dog a diminutive food. If your dog seems happy while having this new food, then you can increase the quantity of the food than the previously fed. Continue this procedure for next few days. If he or she gets unwell during this process, then approach the veterinarian to avoid any further risk.

Keep check on dog’s digestion

Don’t force your dog into eating a new food as it could upset its stomach and end up in vomiting. If you are considering your dog in switching to royal canin food, then you have to take care of its diet at each step so that he or she doesn’t develop any sign of diarrhea.

Consult your vet

In case your dog gets sick after these changes, then don’t be late to show it to the one who is qualified to treat sick animals. He or she will guide you the best dog’s diet, which will less expected to cause any problem to your dog.

Switching over the brands like Pedigree to Royal Canin should be done carefully keeping the above points in consideration and analyzing the effects later on. Hope you find the article useful. Share your experiences or questions regarding dog care in the comments.

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