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How to Gently Avoid Guests from Feeding Scraps to your Dog

You love your dog for being the most endearing part of your entire family. So it feels good to show proper concern for it and pamper it with each dog food delight it deserves from you. Suddenly, a guest arrives and feeds it with some table scraps. Can you stand the thing without being angry? So what can be the best solution you can trick in? The approach is to stay calm and prevent the guest from feeding it especially when it’s a grand family get together. Since it’s a difficult task to go ahead with the strategy the solution lies in being really polite.

You’ve been feeding it with the best available dog food brands and certainly you won’t let people play with its health in any case. Go through few important tips to graciously prevent your dog from being feed during the occasions as mention:

Be Calm with Kids: 

Since kids love dogs its natural they’ll like to share their food with them. The things get worse especially when they share what they don’t eat or have left in their plates. Instead of scaring them to any extreme or making stupid stories, let them know your dog is allergic to such food. It is usually more than enough to stop them from feeding them. You can offer children the royal canin dog biscuit to feed it to your dog instead.

Communication is Better: 

Let your guests know your wish of not feeding your dog with scraps politely. People respect politeness and thus they’ll honour your request wholeheartedly. In case you expect any baseless behaviour take the extreme approach as possible. Let them know if the dog gets ill, they’ll be liable to pay all the expenses for that.

Dogs Prohibited in Dining Area:

Consider leaving your dog out of restricted dining area. This can eradicate the possibility of guests feeding your dog without your consent.

Be Humorous:

Get your dog a funny tagline t-shirts that calmly says “don’t feed me” or “Feed me and Pay my bills”. This won’t put you under harsh scanner of telling no table scrap rule and you can easily get rid of any awkward situation in the occasion.

Take preventive precautions in order to ensure your guests understand your priorities with your dog. Feed them with pedigree dog food from today and maintain its health for its better growth.