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Celebrating Extraordinary Abilities of Dogs

Dogs have been found to possess extraordinary abilities compared with human beings. This is one of the reasons why men have adapted dogs as pets. Dogs are known to have higher sense of hearing as compared to human beings. It has been proved that dogs can hear sounds which are not audible to the human ears. Likewise dogs have a better sense of vision especially at night whereas human beings can only see with the assistance of artificial light.

To celebrate these special qualities among the dog family, Eukanuba has launched the first television program where viewers can witness these special abilities. The first presentation will be on 8th January at 12 noon geographic time. Viewers will watch a 30 minute program on the extraordinary traits of dogs as compared with human beings. Through this they will be able to watch dogs from different countries that have extraordinary abilities. This will likewise enable viewers to compare human abilities with dog.

Among the dogs to be viewed on Ekanuba Extraordinary Dogs ‘ will be Gus a Labrador Golden Retriever who was awarded the Animal Lifesaver Award by the American Red Cross in 2011. Bingo aJack Russell Terrier from Canada who saved the life of his master several times. The last but not the least will be the Black Sled Dog Team who have won Australia’s snow based sled dog race for seven consecutive years.