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Christmas Gifts For Your Dog – Share the Joy of Festival with Him!

Dogs are special and we give gifts to everyone special who understands the meaning of a gift and enjoy it the way we have thought while buying / making it. This Christmas, make your dog feel special by gifting him things that he would relish or cherish. Though, that might more or less depend upon how you feel about gifts.
christmas gift for dog
Your Personality and Gift Preference

Numerous things are available in market that you will find handy for your dog. However, that depends upon your preference and the kind of dog, as well. If you are an indulgent, you might love to give something (like Christmas Dog cookies, self-made or purchased) in which your dog will feel having received a treat. On the other hand, you might be the kind of person who likes to gift something (here, for example a newer dog collar or bedding) that could be used for a longer period of time. Choosing a Christmas gifts for your dog is going to real difficult even if you start with categorising on your personality based biases. Here are some of the options you can consider.

Treat To Doggie Tongue

You can buy your puppy, pig or cow ear chews, Chicken and duck fillets, rawhide chews, chips and biscuits, chicken breast strips, etc. If you are a cook yourself and love experimenting new recipes go for recipes like:

  • Peanut butter pumpkin puppy treats (Ingredients- brown rice flour, cinnamon peanut butter, pumpkin and egg)
  • Poodle Pasta (Ingredients- whole wheat flour, liver, whole eggs, olive oil and butter)
  • Crunchy meat treats (Ingredients- non-fat powdered milk, rice flour, garlic powder, honey, chicken broth and baby food meat)

You can try them or find even more recipes on resources like cook books and Internet. Otherwise, the option to go to nearest pet shop is always open.

Things Your Puppy Could Use

I. A Slumber Dog Bed

Winters and snow can be a festive season but still be tough on your pet. Why not buy him a new dog bed. Although, it is not on you to keep your hyperactive dog remain on that. Moreover, he may like to be with you all the time, depending upon what kind of discipline you have made him follow.

II. A Dog Collar

These things always wear out so fast. If you couldn’t get a chance to buy one for him, this Christmas, let him be lucky. For all ‘green’ minded individuals, there are eco-friendly dog collars made of hemp canvas. Try them out if you haven’t yet. There are many designs and styles available.

III. Dog Toys

Gifts like this can allow you to be busy (undisturbed by your pet) in festive preparations and entertained, as well. Your puppy will remain occupied and you won’t have to make any fuss on keeping him away from the place of all the activity, decoration and other preparations. Christmas inspired designs could be one of your preferences (like reindeer and Christmas tree, etc).

Make the festival vibrant even for your puppy or grown up dog so that even he may feel the transition of the time and stand as a live testimony to it. So, with the list above, what holds on to your mind?