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Different Reasons Why Dogs Eat Grass

Most of us are familiar with the habit of dogs eating grass. This can be traced to their dietary needs since dogs mostly feed on herbivores products. Dogs are known to require some vital minerals and vitamins from green vegetables including grass. Incase you dog have dietary needs from green vegetables it is advisable to cook them before serving.

This habit of eating grass can likewise be linked to dogs’ behavior where the dog is checking if his territory has been invaded by other dogs without his notice. Others suggest that this behavior is as a result of cleaning the digestive tract from diets which are meat based.

To ensure that your dog does not feed on contaminated grass it is advisable to keep him from manicured lawns which contain fertilizers and herbicides. You can alternatively give him doggy grass that is safe and free from toxics which might harm the pet. Incase you find that the dog is vomiting after eating grass; it is advisable to consult a vet who will diagnose and give relevant advice. This is very important because the pet might have gastrointestinal problems which require to be treated. Generally eating grass is a common behavior in the dog family and there is cause for alarm unless it is exceeds the norms.