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Dry Dog Food vs Home Cooked Diet -The Battle Continues

The people all around the globe treat their pet dogs as a family member and take care of them as their own. However, most of the dog owners have a dilemma when it comes to feeding their pet dogs. They usually have an option of either buying the dry dog food available in the market, or preparing the eatable at home.

Making a dog’s diet at home is a hot trend, but there are drawbacks as well. The new research by the University of California and Davis School of Veterinary found that the commercial food for dogs is a better option , in comparison to the homemade diets. They found that many of the homemade dog food recipes are nutritionally poor. From the health point of view, dogs do very well when offered a  commercial diet. Quality commercial food for pets provide better nutrition to the pets. Some owners prefer to make the food for their pet dogs at home because they feel that the homemade food provides them with a natural and healthier diet. However  they should also understand that most of the homemade food recipes are devoid of  the necessary nutrients  required by their pet dogs. The reasons that make commercial dog food better than the home cooked dog diets are:


Commercial pet diets give the dog owners a convenience of feeding their pets by opening a bag of dry food or defrosting and serving frozen food to their pets. They don’t have to waste  their precious time and prepare  the food for the pets. All they have to do is to go to a dog food store and buy a processed food. As our society emphasizes more upon the convenience, commercial foods have turned out to be very popular among the pet owners.

Labeled list of constituents and recommended guidelines for feeding

There is a proper listing of all the ingredients used for making the commercial food is mentioned  on the label of the product. A guideline for the daily quantity of food recommended to be fed is also given on the label. This information helps the dog owners to choose a healthy dog food.

Nutritionally Balanced

The well known commercial dog food brands provide nutritionally complete and balanced food for all the   dogs according to their age and breed. It gives the owners a degree of assurance that their pets will consume a diet rich in  fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fiber, and minerals.

One should never assume that a dog should eat what humans consume. Their internal structure is unlike the humans and therefore, the nutritional requirements also differ. These needs are suitably considered by the commercial pet food brands. Hence, to keep the lovely pet healthy and to save the time, a dog owner should prefer going for a commercially prepared raw canine food rather than making  the  diet at home.