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Pet Training

High Jump Training For Dog – Steps To Take Cue!

Dogs have been a popular pet from a very long time. They have been centre of attraction for many curious eyes due to their peculiar affectionate behaviour. What they can achieve in love, determination and with proper training has been the..

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Who’s The Boss ? Taming the Wolf in your Dog !!!

Recalling incidents of DOG Gone Wild, Instances where dogs have harmed the children of the family or other members in general. Especially with aggressive dog breeds like Rottweiler’s, Bull dogs & the ever notorious Dobermans and Pit-bulls, one very naturally tends to..

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Toilet Training your New Puppy

A proud puppy owner is not so proud when encountering a soggy living room carpet.  Certain steps must be taken to train your new pet in housebreaking. As housebreaking may sound ominous it is not as hard as it sounds. A..

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Basic Training of your New Dog

Once you bring your new puppy home it is important to start training them. This can be achieved by you or a qualified professional. Your veterinarian can suggest a qualified trainer and also direct you to dog training sessions that are..

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