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Seven Wonderful Lessons That Dogs Teach Us

“The dog represents all that is best in man.”
– By Etienne Charlet

This is not just a quote, but a reality. However, in the busy schedule one has become too occupied and ignorant to realize this veracity. There are various things that a dog teaches a man about life. Though humans at the bottom of their hearts know all these things but might not implement. Here are seven wonderful lessons that a dog can teach a man about life, or better said about how to live a lovely life.

Never hold grudges, just let it go 
might forgive, but never forget any wrong happened with them. On the other hand, dogs forget and forgive all the wrongs done to them by their masters. You can forget their meal time, but they always remember to wag their tail while you are around. Dogs never hold grudges; they live in present and forget all the bad memories.

If you love someone, love him/her unconditionally
Dogs never ask you to gift something in return of their love. They never demand a diamond ring for being the watchdog of your house. They just love you unconditionally. Neither they ask for anything in return (except for love and attention), nor they ask you to change in anyway. In a dog’s dictionary, there is no word such as ‘complain’. All that is there is loyalty for lifetime and absolute love.

Give full attention to your loved ones
Have you ever noticed that your dog turns more mischievous while you pay attention to his playful acts? Dogs love attention and reciprocate in the same way when you need it. Even if you don’t ask him to sit by your side while you are watching a movie, it comes and relaxes its head in your lap. These little gestures of paying attention and showering love make a big difference.

Celebrate the ‘we time’
Every time when you come back home, your dog seems all filled with excitement, and to show that, it jumps over you, wags the tail, barks in happiness and makes various gestures. A dog does all these things because it loves to be with the master. No matter you leave him alone for five hours or five minutes, the time you come back, the dog is all set to celebrate the ‘we time’.

Just be yourself
A dog never pretends to be something else, and he never suppresses emotions. It might jump when happy, might bark when annoyed. No matter what the situation is, a dog remains itself. On the other hand, humans always have a mask to hide their real emotions.

There is no age bar for having fun
Be it a 3 months puppy or an adult dog both of them love to run around in circles, roll in mud, chase birds and butterflies. On the other hand, have you ever seen an adult man having fun like a kid? Leave others, when was the last time you enjoyed a moment like a child? Having fun is not a kid’s affair; it’s just about living the moment to the maximum.

The habit of listening
“No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does.”
– By Christopher Morley

A dog listens to everything with complete patience and attention. It listens to you as if it understands each and every word. Admit it or not, being a good listener is a hard nut to crack, but certainly not for dogs.

Bottom Line
After going through all these points the quote by Roger Caras (a wildlife enthusiast) seems so true that “dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”