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Is Your Dog Sneezing & Snorting too much? Ohhh! He Needs Care

When it comes to sneezing and snorting of dogs, most of the times owners feel that these are almost similar things. Though both of these activities are the result of irritation in the upper airway, but there is a slight difference. Sneezing is an involuntary action, whereas snorting is voluntary.
sneezing dog
Extreme sneezing and snorting of dog can be an issue related to his health. However, it depends on the cause that determines whether it’s a matter of concern or not. There are different reasons behind these two activities and a few common ones are discussed ahead.

Causes for sneezing and snorting

Contagious Diseases

Sneezing can be caused by any infectious disease that disturbs the upper respiratory system. There are various contagious diseases that affect the fitness of dogs and thus sneezing can be caused even through kennel cough or canine distemper.

Irritation in the nasal passage

This irritation can be caused by inhaling some dust, perfume or pollens. Further, it is one of the common causes for both sneezing and snorting in dogs. Irritation caused by inhaling external agents does not usually turn into a big issue. However, if the irritation and sneezing has occurred due to brachycephalic syndrome, then your dog needs a doctor. Generally brachycephalic syndrome is noticed in certain breeds of dog


Though dogs or other pets are less allergic than humans, but there are chances that you dog is sensitive toward a few things in specific. In situations like this, you must consult a doctor before the dog sneezes to extreme.

Excess weight

An overweight dog will snore more often than a normal dog. Even few extra kilos can be bad for a dog’s health. Obesity in dogs can be treated with regular walks and certain workouts.

What to do when your dog is suffering from intense case of sneezing and snorting?

If you notice that your dog is behaving indifferent or his sneezing and snorting has turned more frequent, then you must take an immediate action. First, you need to observe the behavior of your dog and for that you can put him in a room and observe. Till the time your dog doesn’t gain back his hail don’t exert him with walks or workouts. Further if the situation seems critical, visit the doctor right away. The more you will delay, they more your dog’s health will suffer.

One of the most important tips is pampering your pet. Your dog is like a little kid who is quite irritated by those frequent sneezes and snores; thus, he would expect his master to take care of him. Though snorting and sneezing is pretty common in few breeds, but if its rate gets more frequent than normal, then you need to pay attention.