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The Best Way to Teach Your Children to be Caring to Dogs

Dogs have been adapted as friends which means we can hardly do without them. To ensure they are well catered for, it is advisable to train our youngsters early on how to live with them.  The first thing you should train your child is on the need to feed the dog on routine basis. This is because, if the dog is not well fed, he might develop mischievous behaviors that are not consistent with dog .To ensure the dog is fed in time, it is advised that you make a feeding chart for the dog. At times you may have to give a few incentives to the youngster to make sure that he does not mess with the feeding of the dog. When he has adhered to the feeding program, you should make a point of rewarding him. This will make him more duty conscious, hence good health for the dog.

The first thing that you should teach to the youngster is to make sure that the nutritional requirements of the animal are met. He should always ensure the dog is given water at the required time. The water bowl should be maintained in cleanliness to make sure the animal enjoys the drink as well as protection from infection. When a dog learns to take clean water from uncontaminated bowl, it ends up being more displined as far as respecting other sources of water. This will be to the well being of the family as well as the animal. The child should also be taught that dogs should be fed on schedule as we human beings feed. So before he takes on his meals he should check on to see that the dog is fed.

To ensure he takes the dog like a friend, it is advisable to you let him observe how you handle it. This is because; a child will most likely copy what he sees you do than what you may tell him. As much as possible be friendly to the dog and teach him to do the same at all times. This includes how he handles the dog while exercising him. Exercise for the animal is as well important as his diet if we have to maintain him in good health. To ensure puppies do not mess with the doll of your daughter it is advisable that you teach the youngster not to leave his playing items outside where dogs can find them.  This will ensure he doesn’t develop a negative altitude of the pet when he finds his dolls messed up.  To ensure the dog does not drink from the toilet bowl, it is advisable to teach the youngster to make sure that doors to the bathrooms are closed. If the dog is held indoors , it is advisable to let the child learn about the timings when the animal should move out for potty breaks and when he should be in. in this case it is necessary to have a specific place where the animal can have its potty breaks. The child should always adhere to a specific schedule to make sure that the dog is not messed up. The whole purpose of teaching the children how to handle the dogs is to make them more responsible people as they grow. This will make them more caring and loving in the treatment of other members of the family as well as other members of the outside society.