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Bringing in First Dog- Be Ready with Questions and Information!

Getting Your First Dog – Things to Consider before you done it
A day, when starts with pet dog bringing newspaper, is sure to be full of activities and fun associated with bonding of the pet and the owner. People who already have them as a companion will readily suggest others to get one for themselves. Considering a purchase, one can just go to any pet home or shop and bring back one. However, having the first dog is not as simple as it seems.  The very first thing is whether the companion is needed for a single person or a family. Then, there are important considerations of small kids along with the open space. Accordingly, the decision is be made as to which is the best breed of dog.
Questions for first dog
Let us see what thoughts and planning buying first dog entails.

Ask Relevant Questions

  • What role will the dog assume as, playmate, guard, watchdog, rescuer, etc?
  • How much space one has, open yards or closed apartments?
  • Which one is the preferred breed and why?
  • Is the dog entering in a family with kids or just an individual’s life?
  • Is he going to be alone a lot?
  • Who will be there to take care when the owner is not?
  • How much budget one is willing to set aside for the animal buddy?
  • Stray litter or well-bred dog?
  • A puppy or a mature dog?
  • High maintenance dog or not?
  • Male dog or a bitch?

The above list of questions is just a sample and might be good enough to begin with the research of the best dog compatible with one’s requirements. When an individual finds the answers of these questions, he or she is in better position to buy the dog they want.

Look for Information on Dogs

The weight, size, colour, food habits, training requirement along with the respective personalities of the dog matter, especially when it is the first one making the experience is completely novel. Finding answers of the above mentioned questions along with the other aspects cannot come easy, not until the person has enough information about dogs.
One solution to this issue is reading up materials like encyclopaedia as well as magazines on the pet owning and grooming. The other could be talking to a veterinarian or reputed dog-trainers would also serve the purpose. They can also prove to be a guide to all the shots, best dog food, necessarypet accessories, etc making an individual ‘dog-ready’.

All the ground work helps people to adjust with the idea of having a new pet (and with the pet itself as and when it comes).

A Pet Shop or a Dog Home

The consideration as to from where the dog should come also needs a lot of attention. Some would-be owners are humane enough to go to a Home for Dogs and consider buying a dog left by its previous owner or somehow got separated from them. However, this comes with its own sets of merits and demerits. Merits include budget, vaccination and treatment of the pets. Demerits include the pre-attained behaviour (that remains unchanged mostly if the dog is quite grown up) as well as some disease he might be suffering from.

On the other hand, before buying new pets, one has to go over options of puppy or a dog of 1 or 2 years old for various reasons of training and behavioural aspects. Getting to know all the challenges for each option is highly suggested because there are lot of preparations to be done according to each one of the choices.

So, are you prepared to go round and round to pet shops, vets, trainers, etc, now that you have made up mind to have your first dog!