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Top Seven Foods that You Should Never Feed Your Dog

It’s not just humans who love food, even your pets; your ever jumping dogs love food, and certainly you also love to feed them. However, whenever it comes to feeding dogs, the owners face a dilemma, as  what to serve and  avoid. In order to clear these clouds of confusion, mentioned below are some of the food items that you should never feed your dog.

AvocadoAvocado is a pear shaped and green-blackish colored Mexican fruit with rich pulp enclosing a large seed. The delicious its definition, the hazardous is its impact. Many pet foods include the extracts of Avocado as an ingredient. However, an Avocado is not at all good for the health of a dog. The consumption of a significant amount of Avocado’s pulp or peel can upset the stomach of your fluffy friend. Further, if  he or she swallows the seed, then it can lead to the blockage in the gastrointestinal tract, which is certainly an issue of concern. Thus, it is recommended to keep the dog away from the avocados.

Raw Bread Dough
raw bread doughRaw bread dough (especially the one prepared with live yeast) can be completely considered as a poison for the canines. The warmth and moistness of the dog’s stomach leads to the multiplication of the yeasts, which further results in the expansion of the dough mass in the tummy. This expanded mass hinders the circulation of blood in the stomach’s wall, and in worse case damages the tissues completely. Further, it can also lead to choking and breathing issues. The problem  doesn’t end here as the multiplication of yeast can also result in the production of alcohol in the body (which again is a big threat). All this will lead to vomiting, disorientation, distended abdomens, and the worst case can be coma. So, whenever, it comes to dog food, raw bread dough is a big no.

Though alcohol is bad for the humans, it is worst for the dogs. Even a little amount of alcohol can lead to major intoxication. In fact, if the dogs ingest the products  having alcoholic contents, then  their health can be under significant threat. The impact of alcohol depends on the type and  amount that has been consumed. The common affects of this are loss of coordination, disorientation, state of unconsciousness and vomiting. If not monitored at the right stage, it can even lead to coma and death.

chocolateFor humans white chocolates are a treat to the taste buds and dark chocolates are both tasty and healthy delights. On the contrary, chocolates play an entirely opposite role on the  dogs. In case of the canines, “the darker the chocolate, the more dangerous it is”. Dark chocolates contain high levels of methylxanthines (a chemical made of caffeine and theobromine) that causes toxicosis in the dogs. It is the dry unsweetened cocoa powder in the dark chocolates that conceal the highest amount of this deadly chemical. Though white chocolates also have methylxanthines, but the level is very low. Yet again the effect  of the ingested chocolate depends on the type and amount of consumption. However, the effect  can be as minor from  restlessness to  severe  (death).

Onion and Garlic
Onion and garlicOnion and seen only after 3 to 5 days after the consumption. Be it the onion or any other member of its family like garlic, scallion or shallots, all of them have compounds that are hazardous to a canine’s health.  The important point to be kept  in mind here is that ‘the stronger it is, the more toxic it is’. They attack directly garlic both work as a slow poison for the dogs, as unlike other foods their impact can be on the red blood cells of the dogs and gradually the canines grow frail, show lack of interest in getting up and doing any task and get tired very soon. Though it is a rare sight to find the dogs eating raw onion or garlic, but products like garlic powder or onion syrup can be easily ingested by these pets.

Be it the fresh or cooked hops, both cause  threat to the lives of the dogs. Uncontrollable high body temperature is the most common and first effect of ingesting hops. This high body temperature can lead to the  partial or  complete damage of different organ systems. Further, the canine gets restless, pants terribly and in the most severe case, it might even die.

xylitolUnlike onion and garlic, Xylithol works really fast (within 30 minutes of consumption). It is basically a non-caloric sweetener used for the preparation of sugar free products like gums and candies. This non-caloric sweetener is a toxic substance that affects the blood sugar level of the dogs. High consumption of  this substance can lead to liver failure in canines. Thus, products that have xylithol must be kept away from the reach of the canines.
All the above mentioned food items are very lethal for a canine’s health. Therefore, every dog owner must always take care that his fluffy friend never ever ingests any of these items and remain healthy forever.