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Extreme KONG dog toy is the world’s strongest dog toy famous for its performance and lastingness. It is made from black rubber that is so strong that it is almost indestructible even for the most resolute power-chewers. This dog toy keeps your dog out of boredom and trouble. Moreover, its frequent use strengthens the muscles of the dogs’ jaws. Dogs are ravenous meat-eaters by nature and perform a mentally and physically challenging task of hunting. They get the meal by hunting and this meal satiates their hunger, keeps their teeth and gums clean, and helps in exercising their jaw muscles. However, this task of hunting is not needed to be performed by most of the domestic dogs as their owners provide them with a proper meal. Therefore, Extreme KONG is made to fulfill the natural instincts of the dog. This dog toy also assists in preventing the extreme barking, destructive chewing, digging, soiling, and separation anxiety. To keep your dog amused in a healthy way, stuff Extreme Kong with treats or food that your dog loves to eat!