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The Tasha Double Bird Cage as the name suggests looks like two cages that have been combined to make one large cage. This Tasha cage is extremely spacious and make an ideal ground for all your small birds. It has five different perching levels within the cage giving your birds the freedom of movement. It has white chrome colored cages, which makes it look visually appealing.
The Tasha double bird cage has clasp in the middle to provide additional stability to your cage. The cage gives your bird ample space to fly within. The cage is equipped with eight feeder bottles, four on each side to provide easy access of food for all your pets. These all are located on the lower level of the cage. It has an additional plastic tray, which makes it very convenient to clean the tray. The cage has been provided with two water bottles attached on the sides. You do not need to buy a stand especially for the product. It comes with stand attached with wheels to ensure easy movement.