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Is your dog getting the right diet ?

Which dry dog food is right for your pet? Or why you should prefer a certain brand over another dog food brand?

Although answer to that may only be for yours to find since nutrition for dogs must not be judged and created as if animals were some kind of a homogenous product straight out of an impeccable assembly line manufacturing process.

Every dog or a puppy even if from the same breed has different characteristics and nutritional requirement depending on pedigree, body size, specific allergies, their unique DNA and the standard factors like the breed, age and health condition of the dog.

From a 3Kg Pinscher to a 70Kg Great Dane, for each dog size, the nutrition required is very different and considering that dogs have only 970 taste buds, as compared to 4001 taste buds in human, even palatability may also be a big issue whilst offering food, especially to a home grown pet dog, who unlike his species on the streets and wild, does not fight for his food.

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