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Food for my dog, Henso

India must offer better dog food I recall when my beloved German shepherd ‘Henso’ was just over 7 months old, daily diet issues were messing with my entire routine. Being in a small town at that time, even the basic brands were not easily available & In spite of my brain storming with different recipes, Home cooked diets weren’t agreeing with my handsome pooch. Finally after a lot of hard work & some divine intervention, I convinced one of the local shop keeper to resource Royal Canine Junior 29 for German Shephard , where he would take a pre order & procure once a month for me from nearby city. Though Henso took a little while to get accustomed, but in less than a month I was a relieved dog owner. Even today, when I search online, frankly it is of very little help as all the advice regarding pet food brands from Dog House Journal, or any of the revered pooch blogs, is just good to read info & nothing more. Most of the recommended brands like Taste of the Wild or Orijin are not available in India, or are superbly expensive. Now I’m sure that a lot of dog lovers must face similar issues, although the metro residents are a relieved lot due to abundance of pet shops, although a lot of good pet food brands are not easily available. Now I also have two retriever pups ‘Lolly & Pop”. I just scream lollipop! & I am pounded by the two most desirable creatures oozing with love-dom. ###

Being the Alpha Dog

Being the Alpha Dog My fascination with the guard dogs also catapults into woes whilst training them and visibly I see most of my kind, a bit confused when it comes to training your pooches, especially with aggressive dog breeds like Rottweiler’s, Bull dogs & the ever notorious Doberman, because with a natural fear less streak in them, the training extends beyond mere house training. When spoken to some experts, I was informed that Alpha canine behavior in short equals to first time submission of your dog, where he with all heart accepts you as the leader and to your pack he belongs. The surrender, if achieved is the sweetest thing but may turn out to be a stressful experience, notably when it’s your first time of training your dog. I am a parent to my 4+ years old Ronnie, who is also most dashing Doberman, you will ever see and a good dog too. During his first year a lot of lessons were learnt, which made me realize that a few daily altercations in my own behavior was all that Ronnie needed to surrender. Here’s sharing some of them. • Modify your dogs’ behavior with a positive or negative consequence. • Keep them busy. Adolescents dogs too need training otherwise they feel lost, disoriented and unstructured. Dogs need a leader to listen to and love. • Use a positive reward to reinforce a dog’s good behavior • Further praise your dog as you possess/own it. • Give your dog permission for basic activities so that it develops a habit to seek your approval instead of making decisions on his own. And post submission, you will in fact have a much elated dog who trusts you more than ever.

Welcoming a new born puppy in my life !

I still remember the date when Rocco (White Lab) first stepped in our house with his little paws; it was 16th December, 2011. It was very cold and while many would have advised me not to bring home a pet during this season for the obvious reasons, I decided to listen to myself, as usual: D The first thing which I had to do was take him to the doctor to get him De-Wormed. I took him alone in my car, wrapped under my sweater, drove the whole route with one hand on the steering and with the other on his back, rubbing to and fro to keep him warm. After we came back home, I was prepared to do the uphill task that I knew was going be grueling and time consuming. The FIRST DAY, I took out the warmest and the thinnest blanket so that he doesn't feel its weight and yet will feel warm and cozy. The whole night he slept alongside me in a tub (it was the best that i could manage on the first day). Though I did all the necessary stuff, he just won't sleep and understandably so as it was his first day away from his mother. The SECOND DAY, I built up a small house like thing, with three walls and a roof coated with thin plastic foam so that no cold air comes inside it. On it floor was his blanket spread properly so make him feel soft and cozy and not to forget with a small slide out for him to walk down the floor! I also made a bridge like thing from a wooden plank for him to commute up and down my bed whenever he felt like, though he wouldn't use it much often as he was afraid he might fall: P Days passed, he became bigger and bigger by everyday, so much so that the 'so called' house would not take him in anymore and it had become but obvious that it was time for him to live like any other normal pet. Rocco would use to take up half of my time and we would play during the evening hours in the park, sometimes he chasing me and the other I chasing him. Time just flew by like that and he then would start to run faster than me :o ! I was just not able to catch him. Ohh ! How I would enjoy just seeing him run freely here and there just enjoying his run and the weather (it was late January). Now, after 2 years, he's still the same, a little naughty, bulky (yet a jumping jack) and little more educated. Now he 'STAYS', 'SITS', 'LIES DOWN', 'SHAKES HANDS', 'GIVES A HI-5', 'SLEEPS', 'HEEL' on my command. Even after 2 years he always comes up with some or the other stupid things which would just make us smile and love him all the more :)

Story of My Pet

My story revolves around fruity - a female dog of my neighbor. Yes, she was not my pet, but i loved her. I still remember the day when she came to the neighborhood and our first meeting is not worth remembering. She ran after me and i was running faster out of fear & anxiety. After years i came to know that dogs do this out of affection not to scare. She was always tied to a pole outside the neighbor's house and i would often come to balcony to look what she is doing. I made sure to throw some eatables towards her every time i came to the balcony. And I would always accompany my mother when she had to visit that neighbor's home.

Apple of Our Eyes - Pluto

I never had a pet; in fact, i never liked pets. So I was worried when the family decided that they should have a pet. Questions like what if i catch a disease, what if he bit me and what if he disturbed the hygiene of the house kept coming to my mind. Finally, the day arrived and a little black pug entered our house. In the coming days, I made sure that he does not sniff me, touch me or even sit close to me. Other family members were happy; they would often cuddle him, feed him, rub his stomach and do all the stuff that made him wag his tail. Weeks passed and what i noticed that my eyes were constantly looking for him as soon as i enter the house. Though I was still refraining from touching him, but i started to like his presence. He would follow me wherever i go; in the evening, I would often find him waiting for me by the door; he would also sit close to me when i eat. Gradually, I became so fond of him that i would often feel guilty of not letting him touch or sniff me some weeks back. Today, he is 3 years old and he is the apple of our eyes. We are really thankful that he came to our house and filled it with child-like innocence.

My Pet, My Sibling

I am the only child of my parents; thus, most of the times i didn't have anyone to play with at home. I would spend my time watching TV and with DIY (Do It Yourself) Kits. But i had had enough of that and after my school hours & completing homework, i din't usually know what to do. One day, I was standing in the balcony, staring the busy road at a distance. I was about to turn to go back in the room, but a curling tail beneath our car caught my attention. I immediately ran downstairs and stopped for a while in front of our car. I slowly stepped forward, bent a little and found a brown puppy under the car. I lured him out by showing a piece of bread, which he ate in no time. With his arrival, my evenings turned happier and brighter. I did not know that happiness would arrive me like this. My parents welcomed my decision of moving him in the house. They even assisted me in building him a dog home. 10 years have passed; That puppy is an old dog now and i am a busy man. But sometimes, when i take some moments out of my busy life, i don't actually get any words to thank him for coming to my life and introducing me to affection. He is only sibling i have; he is the one who told me what brotherhood is!

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