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Who’s The Boss ? Taming the Wolf in your Dog !!!

Recalling incidents of DOG Gone Wild, Instances where dogs have harmed the children of the family or other members in general. Especially with aggressive dog breeds like Rottweiler’s, Bull dogs & the ever notorious Dobermans and Pit-bulls, one very naturally tends to blame the pets & when the word spreads about the misdeed, innocent dogs emerge as villains for one & all.

All dogs in wild act as pack hunters and will always follow one leader >>> The Alpha male of the pack. This is their natural instinct and all dogs are born with it.

Spend That Energy!!!
So Is It the animal’s fault ? Don’t all dogs owe their ancestry to wolves and are natural born predators? OR IS IT THE MASTER WHO FAILED TO TRAIN HIM ?

Understand that the cutest Pug you ever saw, shares the DNA and the Survival Instincts with Wolves.

“Dog Language = Alpha Canine Behavior”

Once you establish yourself as the Alpha, an immediate elation will be followed in your dog for now he understands life from his point of view and will be more relaxed knowing that you will make all decisions for him.

Let’s Begin with Spending the energy 

TRAINING your Dog every now and then can be a stressful experience. In the following lines will unfold information both useful and simple to practice. So while you drool on the cutest head bob in the world, simultaneously educate yourself to emerge the True leader or more to say the Alpha dog/male.

Dogs need a leader to listen to and love:

As it is with children, the adolescents dogs too need training otherwise they feel lost, disoriented and unstructured. .

Now coming to the main expression. i.e. ‘Alpha’
Simply means the leader or authority in a group, be it a collection of any sorts. `Alpha – The more aggressive one!!!’

Steps to establish pet owners as Alpha:

First and Foremost ruleis to modify your dogs’ behavior with a positive or negative consequence.

A positive reward (such as meat treats) reinforces a dog’s good behavior. On the other hand a punishment will cause a reprehensible behavior to occur with less regularity. When a Dog’s behavior is inconsequential it will occur less frequently.

Praise your dog as you possess/own it.TAKE CHARGE WITH LOVE!
Dogs understand what’s fair and what’s not
Reprimand fairly.Put your hand on your dog, make it do what you want and then hug him.
Always Make a dog obey on first command.
Only first time submission will ensure that your pet considers you as the Alpha Male & that is the only language he understands. The training is not over if the dog is not consistent with the command.

Give your dog permission for basic activities

This will develop a habit in your dog to seek your approval instead of making decisions on his own.

Follow these simple steps to enhance your dog’s life and mental health, for he now understands his existence from his perspective, thus will feel calmness in head. This will cement the bond with clarity that you are the decision maker.

Parting Thought:

To conclude with a mention of a brutal act such as giving up a dog due to behavior problems is a sad occurrence. The easy job of training and guidance was the owner’s responsibility. Unfortunately the so called disconcerting masters don’t understand this. Rather than being role models to their pets they turn slaughterers of innocence and love (than masters).

In our next edition will be laid down more such steps to master the art of training a canine.The article is initiation of series which will break down some basic training needs & salient points of ALPHA CANINE BEHAVIOR. Your feedback, queries and suggestions are more than welcome & will constitute integrally in our mission to make this world a better place for our four legged friends.